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I'm 29, lay off.

Shinya: ::Shinya timidly taps his knuckles against the door to Kyo's home, hoping the vocalist will at least be awake. It would be a shame if Shinya had to leave the present on his doorstep, but just in case, he has a cute handwritten note taped to the present, explaining who it's from.::

Kyo: *Kyo's home alright, though he isn't exactly dressed for company. Decked out lazily in a David Bowie tee and denim cut-offs, he peers through the peep hole--a habit the company made him start--brow crinkling at the sight of his friend. Did he miss a practice? He opens the door.* Hey, Shin.

Shinya: Hi. Is it alright if I come in? ::He clutches the bag to his chest, shooting Kyo a small smile. He hoped that he wasn't being a bother or anything like that.:: I have something for you..

Kyo: 'Course. *A little gruffly, he halves his girth to let his slender friend in, shutting the door and running a hand through his decidedly rumpled hair. Shinya, always looking so immaculate, sometimes puts the smaller man on edge* You have something?

Shinya: Of course. Didn't think I'd forget your birthday, did you? ::shifts the bag in his arms to show that he indeed has something, tilting his head to push some soft hair from his eyes:: Were you sleeping? I'm sorry if I woke you.

Kyo: *Oh. Yeah. Birthday. Somewhere between The Final, the newstories, the battle on terrorism and watching old-school Gundam, Kyo actually forgot his birthday. He lowers his hand and acts as casual as he can.* Oh, no, I didn't think that. I was just... watching TV. *He sits on the sofa*

Shinya: ::lifts his lips into a small smile, shaking his head a little at Kyo and taking a seat next to him on the sofa:: I wasn't exactly sure what you wanted, but I hope this is okay. ::sets his bag down in his lap, fumbling inside it to pull out one item, a small vanilla frosted cake::

Kyo: *Laughs fondly, taking the cake from the drummer and examining it* What, no skull and crossbones? *Tiny sugar roses, oh boy.*

Shinya: ::chuckles quietly:: I'm not skilled enough to do skulls and crossbones, thank you. But if you don't like it...::reaches for the cake from Kyo's hands, slipping his own underneath the bottom the of cake and between Kyo's hands, making a motion to take it away::

Kyo: Hey! *snaps the cake back, nearly losing it, fumbling, yes! Has it!* It's junkfood, it's mine. *mockglare*

Shinya: ::retracts his hands with a slight eye roll:: I'm sure that's just what you need too, more junkfood. ::averts his gaze back to the bag in his lap, reaching one slender-wristed hand into it to pull out the next item, a Ba-Tsu black, long-sleeved hoodie.:: I figured....you might want another one of these. ::looks pointidly to Kyo's arms but says nothing::

Kyo: *Ignores the glance like a pro, already having the plastic covering off the cake, sampling the frosting and nodding in appreciation. The red lines glare faintly at Shinya, fading reminders of when Kyo is alone* Mmm, thanks, Shinya. *he takes the hoodie, eyes tracing over the designs*

Shinya: You're welcome. ::folds the bag up to the best of his ability and stuffs it into the pocket of his long jacket, now pressing his hands into his lap:: Happy birthday, Kyo-kun. ::leans back against the sofa, studying Kyo's face::

Kyo: *Licking his lips slowly, Kyo rests the hoodie in his lap* I'm 28. *Lick a revelation*

Shinya: Yes you are. Still young... ::looks at Kyo, then to the cake, then to the hoodie. He's starting to feel kind of uncertain.:: It's okay right? I hope you like it, because I wasn't exactly sure and then I went shopping and it was kind of late so I wasn't really thinking all that well and...::decides to just stop, considering that he's probably just scared Kyo with his incessant rambling::

Kyo: *Really, Shinya's voice is white noise behind his own thinking. He doesn't see the hoodie anymore, the cake or even the carpet.* I'm 28 and I haven't done anything.

Shinya: What do you mean, you haven't done anything? ::Shinya finds this odd, and leans forward to look at Kyo closely--well, as close as he can from where he is sitting.:: You've done a lot, Kyo...

Kyo: *Grabs the hoodie and rolls it up, stuffing it behind him* I haven't done a god damn thing.

Shinya: If you haven't done anything, then how are you sucessful? ::Shinya's voice is quiet and contemplative, his eyes now averting their gaze to his hands::

Kyo: I'm successful, Shinya? *without the shield of contact lenses, Kyo's eyes burn even more deeply into Shinya's*

Shinya: O-of course you are. ::bows his head, trying to avoid those eyes:: What makes you think you aren't? ::His voice begins to get softer and softer::

Kyo: You wouldn't get it.

Shinya: I think I would.

Shinya: Or maybe it isn't that I wouldn't get it, but that you can't explain it?

Kyo: ... *Gruff, once again* That's one way to word it.

Shinya: Well...it doesn't hurt to try. ::eyes dart up to shoot Kyo an almost hurtful look. He wouldn't get it? Of course not. Because he's Shinya and Shinya doesn't understand these sorts of things?:: ::Backs out of his thoughts, reassuring himself with the fact that Kyo -had- practically said it was because he couldn't explain it...::

Kyo: *Silence reigns the conversation then, as Kyo examines the Russian on his fingers, the secret code*

Shinya: Kyo? ::Shinya's voice is meant to assure Kyo of the fact that he can understand, or will try to to the best of his ability. It isn't meant to sound somewhat confused, which is what really happens.::

Kyo: *Kyo pats Shinya on his knee, like a fraternity member, smiling at him with the same about of plastic that makes up the drummer's dresses and costumes* It's okay, Shin. *He stands, moving to his kitchen, intent on something to keep his hands busy*

Shinya: ::Shinya's eyes follow Kyo into his kitchen, bruised and uncertain.:: But....is it really? ::His voice calls onto Kyo in the kitchen:: I don't want you to...feel like you've done nothing with your twenty-eight years of life...

Kyo: Forgeee~t, it, Shin. *Kyo's voice carries back to the younger man, a fridge door opening and closing*

Shinya: ::sighs and nods to himself, tucking the conversation away somewhere in his brain:: Okay....::attempts to peer into the kitchen:: Whatcha doing?

Kyo: Kool-Aid. *staring crucially at the little package, sounding out the American verbs*

Shinya: ...that stuff has a lot of sugar... ::raises a finely sculpted eyebrow, fingering the edge of his jacket:: ..You know?

Kyo: It does? *grins that crooked grin, pouring it all in a glass*

Shinya: I'm surprised you can sleep when you eat all this sugary stuff. ::stretches out on the sofa, resting his head on one of the arms, giving him a better view of Kyo in the kitchen:: Are you sure you're supposed to have it all in one glass?

Kyo: Uh... No. *downs the glass before Shinya can protest*

Shinya: Kyo! ::his voice takes on one similar to a parent catching a child behaving badly:: That...is just gross. ::slides off the sofa and pads over to the kitchen, picking up the Kool-Aid package and eyeing it's ingredients, trying to figure out how much sugar is really in it:: Didn't it taste bad? ::looks at Kyo out of the corner of his eyes::

Kyo: *Chokes on the drink, rushing to the sink*

Shinya: ::His eyes practically bug out of his head, padding over to Kyo at the sink:: A-are you okay? ::sets a hand on his back, worried::

Kyo: SUGAR! *he forgot the sugar*

Shinya: ::tries to hide his laughter but can't, bursting into a fit of giggles that he hides behind his hand:: I thought you had already added it...but that's good, at least now you didn't have all that sugar. ::smiles with another small laugh::

Kyo: *Gagging, rinsing his mouth out with sink water*

Shinya: Poor Kyo. ::rubs his back gently, still smiling::

Kyo: *bats Shinya off, still coughing softly*

Shinya: ::backs up with his hands behind his back, tilting his head at Kyo:: You okay?

Kyo: I'm fine. *shakes his head briskly, eyes still a little dazed from the strong bitterness of the drink*

Shinya: Maybe you should sit down.. ::reaches for Kyo's arm, tugging him out of the kitchen::

Kyo: I'm fine, Shin. *eyes Shinya a little apprehensively* I'm not made of glass.

Shinya: ::silently lets go of Kyo's arm and nods, moving to take a seat himself, even if Kyo doesn't want to:: ...Just a suggestion.

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