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Application to join...

Your LJ username: requiem_x

Your character's LJ: pink_supaidaa

Your SN: pink supaidaa

Character's SN: pink supaidaa

What Jrocker it is: hide (X Japan, Spread Beaver, etc)

Hello.. Please let me know if it's alright for me to join as hide.. I know a lot of roleplays do not include him because he has passed away..
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I'm not sure WE allow playing hide either so...wait for our faithful mod to tell you.
Alright. I'll wait. Thanks for letting me know that though before I got my hopes up ^^
in the end, this isn't my decision, but here's my two cents:

i don't think it would be a good idea to play hide as still alive. like it or not, the world in which hide is dead is the one that has created the context for other bands now. were hide alive, there's no saying how the musical scene would be different now-- would X Japan have a hope of getting together again? would Yoshiki have finally managed to put out his damned solo project? would Dir en grey be a dark and sscary band, or would the atmosphere of music in the present be different? since hide continued to change the world of music up until his death, there's no saying where he would've been these many years later, or how the world would be differebnt. it's like asking to try and figure out what the rock scene over here would've been like if John Lennon hadn't been shot, or if Kurt Cobain hadn't killed himself.

i don't think it's a good idea to just pretend it didn't happen. it just wouldn't make sense-- the jrockers we play today have been defined by seeing this hero of theirs rise and then disappear. it would be like taking away part of their experiences growing up to say he didn't die and is existing in the present.

please don't take this personally, that's just how i feel. :\
That's absolutely fine. I had a feeling this would happen to me one day, I'm in a lot of other roleplays as hide but I was bound to come across one that felt this way. I have no hard feelings against your opinion, there was no harm in me trying was there? I appriciate you taking the time to explain your reasons to me instead of just saying "no".

I respect your opinion and have absolutely no hard feelings. I will withdraw my application, all you need do is ask.
I think I'm going to have to ask you to choose another character. I'm sorry.
*^^* That's fine, I'll remove this journal from the community and think on another character to play.