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Oyasumi, Niisan

Kirito: *Deciding to make the little meeting for going over new music and bass lines less sterile than the company rooms would permit, Kirito opted to suggest Kohta's apartment for the get-together, a guitar and designer bag in tow, embroidered with scriptures from the New Testement. He knocks on the door needlessly; he has a spare key*

Kohta: ::Kohta hadn't meant to fall asleep on the couch watching tv, and so his hair is messy and dry as he answers the door, blanket draped haphazardously over his shoulders.:: Hey, come on in. ::He takes a seat on the sofa with a supressed yawn::

Kirito: *Eyeing his little brother with a knowing expression, Kirito takes the liberty of closing the door behind him and flicking on some lamps in the dim room, slipping off his sharply heeled boots* You seem thrilled to do some work.

Kohta: Oh you know me....ready and willing to give it my all. ::He stretches his arms above his head, wincing at the lights:: Can't we just nap instead? Or play some video games?

Kirito: *Already has Kohta's beloved zebra base off it's stand, laying it gingerly over the blonde's lap, cushioned by the blanket. He dumps his bag on the floor and shifts through it, pulling out a leather binder and plucking out fresh sheet music*

Kohta: Hm....I take that as a no. ::runs his fingers over the ever-familiar strings of his bass, shifting it into position and strumming it absently, watching Kirito and the music:: Whatcha got for me?

Kirito: That new song you and Jun conjured up. *Hands the paper over, fingering a leaf of the stuff, a furrow of concentration centering between his brow, his old battered Fender Strat hanging off one shoulder*

Kohta: ::takes the paper, glancing it over:: Looks good. Easy. Is that all? ::leans closer to Kirito, peering over his shoulder at the music in his hands::

Kirito: *Hums a noncommital response, scrutinizing one of Aiji's guitar riffs, pursing his lips*

Kohta: ::Sighs and lays his head on Kirito's shoulder, his bass now laying protectively in his lap:: Mmmnn...wake me up when you need me.

Kirito: *Nudges his brother with that shoulder, fwapping him over his mussed head with the music for good measure* Wake up and play that line.

Kohta: You're so insensitive to your poor brother's health. ::sits up and shifts, setting the sheet music on the couch cushion and playing it with ease, turning back towards Kirito:: There. Good? Do I get a treat? ::motions to move his head back to Kirito's shoulder playfully::

Kirito: *Sighing heavily and rolling his eyes is a fair exaggeration of his annoyance, which is fairly slight. Pushing Kohta off like a mother cat would a kitten, he shifts his guitar to rest on the tops of his thighs, trying to pluck out the notes and see how they fit within the song*

Kohta: Hey Shinya....::slides a fair distance away from Kirito so as not to annoy him further, and leans the bass against his chest to be ready for the next time Kirito asks something of him:: ....what bothers you most about people?

Kirito: *Leaning over the coffee table where all their materials are spread out, Kirito marks a note and ands a rest* When people compromise who they are for society's sake. *Obviously something he had settled on a long time ago, the answer was so ready*

Kohta: ...Oh. Okay. ::is extremely happy for the silence of his thoughts; otherwise Kirito would be wondering why the mantra 'fuck fuck fuck' was coming from Kohta.:: I think...it needs something here. ::leans over and circles a bit of the music, his palms sweaty with unneeded nervousness, cursing himself for even bringing up the subject::

Kirito: *Indeed. But the inquery has already piked the vocalist's interest. Pushing blades of pale hair from his face, he levels a quizzical gaze on Kohta, his eyes colored like the sky* Why? *He isn't referring to the music, and it's evident that's so.*

Kohta: Oh. Uh. I was just wondering. ::And he would be content to leave it with that except, with Kirito, this was bound to get more complicated::

Kirito: *Kohta knows his sibling all too well, for the singer sets down the pencil and rests his elbows on his knees, over construction-worker orange pants too baggy for his slender hips to uphold without the belt wrapped around them* What bothers you most about people, Kohta? *He parries.*

Kohta: ...their inability to tell the truth, I guess. ::Sighs, his fingers plucking away at the top strings of his bass, a nervous habit::

Kirito: Who lied to you? *The lines of his face take on a soft severity*

Kohta: No one. ::His answer is honest; he'd stopped lying to himself quite some time ago.::

Kirito: *Kirito's eyes skip over the haunted features of the bassist's face, a gentle distress rising in his heart*

Kohta: ::His hand returns to the coffee table to pick up the pencil, writing some on his music to distract himself and Kirito.:: So...where were we? ::He looks like a mouse eager to escape the grasp of a prowling cat::

Kirito: I don't know. *The statement is laced with Kirito's trademark forthright attitude, his hands laced together between his knees*

Kohta: Okay...well....::Kohta feels thrown off balance, and he leans back against the sofa as if to steady his mental state, sleepy and confused as it is:: I'm sorry, I'm being pretty useless today.

Kirito: Not something I'm unused to. *Though it sounds insulting, Kirito is probably the only person on the face of the planet who could say that to Kohta and manage to make it affectionate. He closes the leather binder and looks to the blonde, lines of wonder between his thin eyebrows. Wonder as to what's perplexing his brother so*

Kohta: Well, then, let's take a nap. I think I'm just groggy or something. ::He looks at Kirito with a calm expression, but hiding in his eyes is a eagerness to which even he cannot place. He already knows the answer but, as they say, it never hurts to ask.::

Kirito: You're like a big puppy, you know that, don't you? *But he's reclining anyway, back into the cushions of Kohta's dogged old sofa, pulling the Fender off his person, setting her aside*

Kohta: But everyone loves puppies because they're cute. You know -that-, right? ::smirks and carries his beloved bass over to her stand, placing her onto it gently, before shuffling back to the sofa, his blanket still in tow:: You take up lots of room. ::He wrinkles his nose with another smirk::

Kirito: Hardly. *Raising his brows with silent threat, Kirito stretches an arm over the back of the furniture, lazing, telling his brother if he doesn't sit now he's getting up and going to Jun's, where real work will get accomplished, and his giving streak will be null and void*

Kohta: Pft. Don't give me that look. ::Kohta nervously slides in next to his brother on the sofa, offering Kirito some of his blanket:: Cold?

Kirito: *Shakes his head* You've got one hour, inuchan. Make the most of it.

Kohta: Mmn. One hour...yeah okay sure. ::snuggles his head on Kirito's shoulder, yawning:: What if I don't get up?

Kirito: You don't want to think about that. *Grunting, Kirito shifts his legs to stretch out on the sofa, positioning his brother against his chest, a hand on the younger man's shoulder, a gentle, fraternal touch*

Kohta: ::The soft scent of Kirito lulls Kohta into a dazed state, his breath light and patterned over the chest which holds the man he loves more than--would it be too bold to say anything, he ponders in the midst of his hazy mind:: Mmn. I love you. ::He mumbles::

Kirito: *A soft snort of breath from Kirito's nose disturbs the soft, ungeled hair underneath his strong chin. The singer rubs the palm of his hand against the blonde's hard, muscled back, soothing, an unconscious motion, one drawn from the depths of their brotherhood. That undercurrent of love, of the want to protect. The twitch in Kirito's full lips allows for a minute smile* I love you too. *He is completely unaware of the impact his actions and words have on the man. Soon, he joins him in sleep, if nothing beyond that, forevermore or otherwise*

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